Register for a product warranty online.

Diamond Brand Company, Ltd. Thank you for your order and the company’s high level of service. From now on, the company would like to notify you that you will be treated as a “customer” who is also our supporter. And would like to notify you of the following terms and conditions of the water tank warranty as follows:

1.Commencement of warranty

The warranty duration begins on the date the company was founded and when the product has been delivered to the customer.

2. Warranty coverage

roduct guarantee. The company is prepared to replace components or repair damaged items caused by material flaws. Regarding the factory’s manufacturing process throughout the following time frame.

  • Stainless steel tank
    Stainless steel tank, diamond brand, 5-year warranty *subject to the terms and conditions of the company
  • Above-ground water storage tanks
    Above-ground water tank, Chaba / Sand Stone type, 20-year guarantee *According to the company’s terms and conditions
    Model Mali / GTBA / GTBC / Super Tank / Super Gray above ground water tank *According to the terms of the company’s guarantee.
    Above ground water tank, model The Rock / WIN / WIT, 10-year guarantee *According to business terms
  • Buried water tank
    GTTU buried water tank 1-year guarantee *subject to corporate terms
  • Grease trap
    Grease trap GTGT / Smart Tech 1 year guarantee *per business circumstances
  • Septic tank
    GTP / GTPX / SVTP 1-year warranty *per company condition

3.Warranty conditions

The company is not responsible for any harm caused by the following circumstances.

  • Failure to install and operate in accordance with the Company’s instructions
  • Mishaps and Natural Disasters
  • Ownership transfer (The owner is the person whose name is on the warranty card)
  • Color changes in materials, such as aging from usage and dullness from incorrect use. or has been in use for an extended period of time
  • Incorrect installation and destruction
  • Improperly repairing, altering, or changing, including the use of additional replacement parts or materials in addition to the original material

4.Customer responsibility

  • Fill out warranty information to return back to the company within 7 days of receiving the product or fill out warranty details on the internet ( and retain this warranty card as evidence.
  • For actions other than instructions or suggestions, please check with after-sales support at 0-2757-6100 ext. 616 or 062-725-1441.
  • During the warranty term, repair or claim the product. You can contact the company’s after-sales support. You may also pick a repair option, such as delivering items to the company or notifying authorities to conduct a free inspection of the area and repair in accordance with the warranty conditions (except travel expenses)
  • Please strictly follow the company’s guidelines for use that are attached to the product.