About us

Diamond Brand Co., Ltd. has been awarded Industrial Standards (TIS) for stainless steel tank products.


“Determined to be a leader in the manufacturing and sale of water tank products, stainless steel kitchenware, and aluminum by providing quality products and great service.”


“Determined to manage the business in order to achieve the goals while being responsible to customers, workers, business partners, shareholders, and society via human development.” work process development and the development of quality goods, as well as offering services that surpass customers’ expectations, all with the vital driving force of competent management and the participation of all workers to establish lasting shared values.”



Diamond Brand Co., Ltd. was founded in 1973 by Mr. Prasit Phattheeranon, the company’s president, who identified an opportunity in aluminum cookware manufacture for domestic use and therefore constructed an aluminum cookware factory in Samut Prakan Province on Puchaosamingprai Road. “Diamond Brand Co., Ltd.” manufactures items such as pots, sinks, Thai-patterned kitchenware, and so on.


“The Company has expanded its work in the kitchenware product category, specifically stainless steel kitchenware for export,” such as Stock Pot, Mixing Bowl, and so on, under the brand “Diamond.”


Petch Brand Co., Ltd. began producing stainless steel water tanks and offers product recommendations. The stainless steel water tank was the first to reach the Thai market under the name “Diamond Brand,” and it has been warmly received by customers. Which has over 20 sizes to select from and has also received industrial standards (TIS) in all sizes utilizing high-quality stainless steel raw materials for beauty and corrosion resistance.


Diamond Brand Company Limited created a new facility to produce another type of home equipment, especially stainless steel sinks, for the local market and neighboring countries under the brand “Diamond Brand.”


Diamond Brand Co., Ltd. introduced a new product to its product line. Water tanks, septic tanks, and grease traps constructed of polymer plastic materials are environmentally friendly. Green Tree is a trademarked polyethylene type.


Diamond Brand Co., Ltd. introduced household appliances made of stainless steel. Another type of stainless steel material is the Stainless steel kitchen cabinet “Lifestyle” brand, which has a variety of styles to choose from in both standard sizes and made-to-order and has outstanding durability qualities. Which is worth using and may be extended as needed, saving money and making the purchase worthwhile.


“The company has expanded its activities into the plastic home appliance category, such as ABS kitchen cabinets, ABS frame and door panels, and PVC doors under the Diamond brand.”


By beginning to manufacture and sell water tanks, the company has taken its goods in the polyethylene water tank group to the next level. SCG Chemical in the Thai Cement Group created the “Elixir” substance. Which has exceptional features in terms of durability, gorgeous designs, natural imitation, and opaqueness, so that moss does not grow. Under the trademark “DKS,”


Petch brand produced goods for industrial kitchenware for heavy usages such as restaurants, canteens, hospitals, and so on, including cooking utensils in all sorts of applications including refrigerators and a variety of accessories.